Our Approach

We share the "Ascension Age" in our faith, hope, charity, and the greatest is love! We share the Christ Consciousness faith of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!"

We share the good news of the gospel that Jesus Christ walked the earth as a man and was the true son of God and left in what we call ascension to show us how to live and ascend. We believe in the Ascension Age!  We believe that the man who was Jesus is our Lord in Heaven. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. We share that we should all live our soul purpose that is to believe in the Lord God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

The greatest is love!  We believe in the words of the bible to the best that it was translated from older languages into one we can understand today. We share ancient wisdom and new thought teachings of the Ascension Age.

We share the Ascension Age Universal Life Ministry. We share the Theresa J Morris Ministries as our Internet Church Online.

You could also call this headinGodg "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." We share cyberspace daily and have learned the basics of live and let live. We believe in health and wellness and a balancedd lifestyle.

We share our faith, hope, dreams, inspiration, and co-creations as a spiritual community. ACO began as our Ascension Center Organization in HAWAII. We share the Ascension Center Network Radio Shows with the ACO American Communications Online Network a  creation of Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

We have grown to include our friends in cyberspace.

Theresa J Morris Ministries


Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. People want to know what opportunity is and what we do together. We share our own spiritual passion in our groups which led to the creation of something new. We talk about our roots as the original ascension center which began when Theresa was called before a congregation of 300 or more people and had a laying on of hands in a gold pyramid. We know at the time it was a Unity Chirch and Theresa shares a non-denominational church saying God has no religion. Theresa had just returned from Africa and was inspired to help others. Theresa joined the military to serve in 1985. Theresa also known as TJ began her spiritual path after two near death experiences and called her spiritual awakening the Ascension Center. People began wanting to share in her life's work and good will in fellowship. We began the various communications online. Our roots run deep and vast now with many friends who have become associated with TJ's vision.

Theresa J Morris Ministries

ACO Ascension Center Organization

We share universal life ministries online

America Communications Online is the creation of Theresa J Morris, a minister of faith. Sharing the good news giving hope in our world.

We are using television, internet, podcasts and other new technologies to reach others with the Good News of the gospel. We are dedicated to helping people everywhere be inspired and rediscover their true purpose in life.

Theresa J Morris, inspiration of life through experiential living which becomes knowing through the miracles of faith building in the Spiritual Community which she builds in a Spiritual Science Community.  ACO Ascension Center Organization was created by Theresa J Thurmond in Hawaii which later moved to Kentucky and now Florida.

The articles and by-laws are shared as a foundation for the ACO Association now known as the ACO American Communication Online as an unincorporated association of friends of Theresa J Morris.

Theresa was asked to share her life experiences which in some arenas are considered super natural and near-death experiences she had were something which allowed her to become a speaker.

Theresa J Morris began logging for tjmorrismedia.com. Theresa had others join her with her TJ Morris Radio and TJ Morris Agency.  People became friends and wanted life coaching and spiritual counseling. This lead to assisting entrepreneurs and coaching others in their own lives. This lead to sharing communication and an internet church online. TJ Morris Ministries is now about sharing spirituality and the faith based organization as a non-denominational platform.

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