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ACO Ascension Center Organization,We share universal life ministries online,America Communications Online is the creation of Theresa J Morris, a minister of faith. Sharing the good news giving hope in our world. We are using television, internet, podcasts and other new technologies to reach others with the Good News of the gospel. We are dedicated to helping people everywhere be inspired and rediscover their true purpose in life. Theresa J Morris, inspiration of life through experiential living which becomes knowing through the miracles of faith building in the Spiritual Community which she builds in a Spiritual Science Community. ACO Ascension Center Organization was created by Theresa J Thurmond in Hawaii which later moved to Kentucky and now Florida.The articles and by-laws are shared as a foundation for the ACO Association now known as the ACO American Communication Online as an unincorporated association of friends of Theresa J Morris.Theresa was asked to share her life experiences which in some arenas are considered super natural and near-death experiences she had were something which allowed her to become a speaker.Theresa J Morris began logging for Theresa had others join her with her TJ Morris Radio and TJ Morris Agency. People became friends and wanted life coaching and spiritual counseling. This lead to assisting entrepreneurs and coaching others in their own lives. This lead to sharing communication and an internet church online. TJ Morris Ministries is now about sharing spirituality and the faith based organization as a non-denominational platform. Please share your SKYPE name with me and send a request to me and my Producer. We will add you to our Cosmos Connection Radio Show.ADD ON SKYPE: TJMorrisET and AmadPainter We appreciate your interest in us! I do many radio shows and look for good fits to assist others in a connection. Please show up 5 minutes before on SKYPE to make sure we can see you as a Guest with a green check mark.

We will bring you into the Broadcast via your SKYPE name.
The Radio Show will be 2 hours with a 4-5 minute break on the hour. It will be live and we will do a “LIVE ON AIR” Recording and after 48 hours we can access this recording to use as a podcast embed code. We will begin sharing your website LINK, Photo, Bio and your story if you want to share in our networks in social media and cyberspace. ACO shares as an Association to assist others get their books, business, event, link web presence out to our friends in our own spiritual community. Cosmos Connection begins every Saturday 6-8 Eastern. That is 5 Central, 4 Mountain,and 3 Pacific.

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