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Today I cannot tell from where I am what I may be in the future. However, I have a suspicion one may call a theory. I choose to name this the Ascension Age Theory. This is about the ascension age of all that I have seen, dreamed or have become.

We know we all come from somewhere and we are going somewhere. We have learned that we are born, we live, hope thrive, and then die. The death is said to be the beginning and some may say simply a transition into another place in space as another dimension.

Let us call this the Ascension Dimension for if we place our past on a time line it is called linear which appears to be a flat line in a two dimensional space on paper.

A Vertical line in space may exist in our imaginations which has a line below us and above us. The Vertical line of above and below crossing the linear line of behind and in fron makes a cross which gives us a point of origin.

Our ancient ancestors some regard as ancient astronauts have left us cluse in petrographs and pictographs, and in copper plates, and various stone and clay tablets. Many ancients used  zigguratts around the city of AYN back in time in what we regard as ancient history. We learn about taking steps upward to our ancient ancestors or Supreme Beings who have came and went. We say those who came from the sky in some of our ancient texts or our sribes have referred to those who from the heavens came such as the ANU now known as the Annunaki.

Regardless of all the ancient clues we still have to find out on our own how to leave this planet. One of the ways is of course to leave one’s own body by way of suicide or takingone’s own life. Our ancestors in our ancient religions and cultures have taught is to stay alive and not to take one’s own life. This is taboo and one may goto a place in space that is simply dark or could be filled with many spirits which also took their own lives and have to return through time as something other than possible a humanoid.  This is something we should all contemplate before committing such an act as taking one’s own life. Our life force is thought of as sacreed and most of us in our humanoid sentient intelligent being world think that we should not take our own lives. It is our nautre to fight for breath.

Therefore, I have decided to share what I have learned from others of a sentient intelligent being life form.

That is that we are in the process of growth while we are in body-mind-spirit form sharing the birth-life-death process.

That we should learn that life is a gift and we should cherish every breath we take, and every day we are alive. It is hard to remain grateful when we feel depressed, alone, and unappreciated, or defeated.

Therefore, I have come up with the conclusion that life must be about finding a way to ascend and to remain positive about life in general. It is said that those who have hope have a much better chance of coming out of a bad situation or cataclysmic event than those who have a bad attitude about survival.

Ascension Age theory will be about coming of age in the world of humanoids that desire to ascend to higher places in their own minds and consciousness.

This new technological age of I.T. as intelligence technology has offered us a way to reorganize our own self taught skills and learn about our own talents.

We are individuals and we can learn how to work and perform projects together in life. We can use cyberspace to achieve great things with communication of people who in the past we did not know even existed.

Now we are hooking up our cyberspace to include communications with people and organizations and associations all over the world.

Whether we are members of a thir world country or in the largest metroplitan areas or rural communities will some day soon matter not. We must prepare for this time on earth when we welcome our entire planet to succeed inside the matrix or grid of communication while learning to maintain an open mind and a future as visionaries with imaginations to explore the entire cosmos.

We are all ministers of our own fate, the authors of our own life story, we are all students and teachers of life and what life has to offer each of us.

My theory is that we should all achieve a way to become more than we are today and each time we sleep we are in a dying mode and downloading mode so we can return to a life with the living and being awake and aware that we are consciousness which is learning to do more than just survive in this age and time but learning to thrive together and to share our way forward into the future as visionaries who can assist all our humanoids and all  animals, plants, and minerals as steawards of this planet.

We will learn to share and give back to this world more than we came here with and that was simply the breath of life and a spirit to grow a body that would be guided by mind and yet learn that we are spirits having a physical relationship with others of our own kind.

Ascension Age is about learning we are all spirits having a brand new experience we call life. If we cannot help each other then we certainly do not want to harm others. Learn to live by giving and living for that which will bring others along a path which others have chosen as ascension beings. We are all avatars who come and go as the supreme beings of our king much older in spiritual life allow us to experience free will on this journey we call life into the Ascension Age of humanity in the entire cosmos.

There is life after death and it is simply a transfer of energy fromone place to the next. Ascension Age is about learning about the life lessons and memories we will take with us when we die or leave this planet. We simply detach from our physical formand move on into the Ascension Age.

This is how I live with myself and how I live after seeing my brother, husbands, neice, family and friends die here on the planet.

My existence is looking for the other parts of me which travel each night when I sleep. I once did drive coast to coast in the USA as an over the road truck driver and I did this for 8 years and long enough to know that day and night that people are working in a 24 hour a day sechdule.

My mother who is now passed worried about me being on the road day and night. She asked me if I was scared and I told her not at all. It is funny how we can survive in time day or night doing a job that needs doing and remain perfectly fine.

Ascension Age is about knowing how to keep going whether day and night and remain perfectly fine while knowing that his is simply a time to enjoy life as we share it before transitioning upward to aother place in space and in time.

We do ascend and having died on several occasions I live with memories of leaving my body and knowing there is more. Ascension Age is about knowing there is always a higher place in our minds to grow and we are about ever expanding our own consciousness.

TJTM of ACIR. I for now am called Theresa of Ascension. I have been many places and seen many things. I have been visited by beings not of earth origin at least at the time I was speaking to these beings who spoke to me with wisdom and by sending me messages with what many of us call telepathy. The Ascension Age is about all that we have not been allowed to know about or think about in our past. Education and our culture is changing into that which we call educational entertainment.

Learn about who we are and what we can share together. Synergistically involved humanoind beings as entrepreneurs are now finding each other and forming associations. Mine is ACO Association for those who want to me and how I visit all my known places and dimensions that I have found I call the Ascension Age.  For now I am told in my place where I live to use a name for my company. As a sole owner I feel I devote my time and life to the Ascension Age and the Ascension Center Organization. I have been fiven a mission to succeed at communication and this will entail writing and speaking.

We share our own non profit association which is unincorporated at this time but we are forming a ground level corporation. Onewill be profit and one will be non profit. 50% will go to profit and 50% will go to non profit. That is with my time devoted to humanity with what time I have left. Time is of value and we can get paid with an exchange rate in cyberspace.  For now if you want to devote support, or volunteer your time to the Ascension Age then let me know. I am taking the month of January to allow people ro respond to this message.


This is my testimony and message to the world. TJ also known by Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

I gave my lsat $20.00 to my grandson and find it funny that I cannot pay the basics like a cell phone for this month. It does not bother me at all since I prefer websites on the internet to communicate. However, I need a phone to do my radio shows. My family and friends share in my life now because we are being forced to go back to a time when we depend on a tribe. My house is a 2 bedroom and I only needed a bedroom and an office to work. However, I have had to take in two daughters in their late 40’s and one is dying of cancer. MDS and we will begin a fund raiser for her so we can help her get to TAMPA to MOFFIT CANCER CENTER.

She had a bone marrow transplant however it did not get it all out of her system. So now we not onl have hope and prayers but need financial support and I have always stood on my own two feet when once I could not be with people who smoked and drank. Life is tough and I am going to grow through this time and day.

So embarassed about the way our lives have become and the cost for bread and milk and healthy grown eggs meaning not in cages.

Life and how we share our lives has to be healthier foods, and clearer insight as to what our minds will be lead to think/ This is the Ascension Age and we will assist others/

We will learn to have fund raisers so we can pay our overhead and learn to thrive whether profot or non profit corporations and associations. We have to put INC after or names in order to file in states in the USA.

Even that will cost me. For now I am Theresa J Morris Ministries. When I can afford my cell phone again I will continue my Blog Talk Radio Shows which are only $39.00 t0  record there but my cell phone is more but I pay for my grandsons whom I have to take to school or  help his parents with my time and transportation. Life now takes a family to share in the expenses and time given to raise children under 18 years and many up to the age of 25 ears in America.


Stay happy and positive and that which does not kill us makes us stronger our Mother always said and she is gone now or simply transferred to another dimension. God Bless all in this year we call 2018! I know I am not alone with not being able to pay all bills to live a normal life in the USA. Normal is having a place to live, money to pay the power, water, and rent or mortgage, money fo r a car payment, insurance, and medical needs not to mention education.


RIght now I can here my daughter with cancer in a discussion with her boyfriend about life and the hardships it takes to live. I know I best not go out of my room and get involved.

My ministry is sometimes about not getting involvedin a heated discussion.

I know that there are times that I should and times when I should not.

The wisdom to know the difference is in our Teaching of the Ascension Age.

We learn by listening to our higher power or Supreme Beings.

Many say we have only one God,

However I also believe in a Godmother.

After all my father is in heaven and my mother is in heaven.

This is my time on earth as Theresa of Ascension.

I hope this time on earth is recognized as the Ascension Age.

Women and communication along with artificial intelligence and technology will ascend.


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